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Biomass burner use engineering case

Biomass burner use engineering case

Biomass Burner Product Features:

1. High complete combustion efficiency: The design of boiling semi-gasification combustion plus tangential swirl type air distribution makes the fuel and combustion complete, and the combustion efficiency can reach more than 90%;

2. The biomass burner burns completely and stably: The equipment operates under a low pressure state without tempering and misfire;

3. Wide thermal load adjustment range: The thermal load of the burner can be adjusted quickly within the range of 30% -120% of the rated load, and the starting block is responsive;

4. Obvious pollution-free environmental protection benefits: the use of renewable biomass energy as fuel to achieve sustainable use of energy. Low temperature staged combustion technology, low emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, dust in flue gas, is the best substitute for coal stoves;

Use of biomass burner

5. No discharge of various wastes such as tar and waste water: The direct combustion technology of high temperature gas is used, and tar is directly burned in gaseous form, which solves the technical problem of high tar content in biomass gasification and avoids the water quality brought by washed tar Secondary pollution;

6, simple operation and convenient maintenance: automatic feeding, wind ash removal, simple operation, small workload, only one person on duty;

7. Low investment and low operating costs: The biomass combustion structure is designed reasonably, and the retrofit cost is low when used in various boilers.

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Biomass burner use engineering case
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