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Biomass melting boiler

Biomass aluminum melting furnace

Biomass aluminum melting furnace

SH series biomass integrated aluminum melting furnace adopts the integrated design of combustion and melting boiler, which has the characteristics of small footprint, high efficiency and energy saving, saving operating costs, environmental protection and convenient operation. The furnace of our company's aluminum melting furnace adopts high temperature and refractory materials (high temperature resistance, temperature resistance above 1600 degrees), and adopts our company's unique baking technology to ensure that the quality of the furnace will not have the problem of baking step. Reduced maintenance probability and improved production efficiency. In order to solve the reflection port, it brings a lot of dust and Mars, which affects the operation of equipment personnel and product quality. Our company designed and installed a built-in dust collector on the reflector to solve this problem and make it convenient for customers.

1. Full-automatic intelligent system: Biomass aluminum melting furnace adopts PIC operating system, full-automatic intelligent operation, Chinese LCD operation interface, fully sealed variable-frequency speed-adjusting feeding, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, according to different temperature needs, large and small fires Automatic conversion.

2. Efficient and energy-saving: Biomass particles are directly burned in the furnace, the heated area is large, and the flue gas is reflected back to the citrus pot, making full use of heat to make the equipment energy-saving effect obvious. 30%-80% less cost than traditional electric furnaces and oil (gas) furnaces. The integrated melting boiler is designed to reflect the heat of the exhaust gas, which makes the thermal efficiency higher, which is much higher than that of the flue gas discharged to the outdoor melting boiler, which greatly saves energy.

Application process of biomass aluminum melting furnace

3. Low-carbon environmental protection: The use of renewable clean fuels advocated by the state is clean and environmentally friendly; the use of semi-gasification suspension combustion for faster solubility.

Application range of biomass aluminum melting furnace:

It is mainly used for supporting the final roller machinery to melt and heat-sink non-ferrous metals such as industrial aluminum, zinc, and copper. It can also be used as ingots for melting aluminum products such as waste aluminum and industrial aluminum scraps.

Technical Parameters:



power consumption


Fuel consumption

Kg / h

Overall dimensions mm

长กม宽กม高) ( Length กม width กม height )


公斤 200 kg



กม 1700 กม 1650 1750 กม 1700 กม 1650


公斤 300 kg



กม 1900 กม 1800 1900 กม 1900 กม 1800


公斤 500 kg



กม 2100 กม 1900 2100 กม 2100 กม 1900


公斤 800 kg



กม 2350 กม 2100 2350 กม 2350 กม 2100

Note: The company reserves the right to change the technology, and it is subject to change without notice.

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