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Title: Buying a Biomass Burner
Name: Zhang [2019-07-24]
Message content: Hello, our company saw that your biomass burner ranks very high on the Internet and is very popular. Can you represent your product? http://m.10pinping.com/v/p.php?s=d0ab39e858e18411?tui64wl
Title: Bio-particulate burner can be used in reverse-fired boiler
Name: Zhang Mingshui [2016-10-25]
Message content: Can the bio-particle burner be used for the anti-combustion boiler? How much hot water can be produced in one hour and how many biological particles can be burned in one hour
Title: Two Biomass Hot Water Boilers
Name: Cao Hai [2016-10-23]
Message content: How many square meters of heating can be provided by two biomass hot water boilers
Title: Can a biomass burner be used in the forging furnace renovation?
Name: Mr. Wang [2016-07-12]
Message content: Can a biomass burner be used in the forging furnace renovation, can you tell me the detailed parameters and quotation?
Title: 30-calorie biomass burner
Name: Manager Li [2016-03-24]
Message content: Hello! How much is a 30-calorie biomass burner?

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