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Title: 2.4 Million Kcal Biomass Burner
Name: Han [2015-09-29]
Message content: Dimensions: 2200񦵐񦶴 The structure of the burner should adopt a non-biliary flamethrower type. The flamethrower material is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel 310s and the thickness reaches 12mm. The burner nozzle temperature is between 1000-1300 กใ C and adjustable. The burner's burner nozzle can run for more than 5000 hours without obstacles. The burner must be equipped with the function of clearing the focus. The front end of the burner must be equipped with a heat insulation plate. The combustion rack adopts an adjustable track bracket. The main body of the machine must be provided with cooling holes and cooling devices, and the burner is equipped with an automatic feeding system.
Title: How much is a 2 million kcal biomass burner
Name: Wang Tao [2015-07-01]
Message content: How much is a 2 million kcal biomass burner
Title: Hot air stove with biomass particles
Name: Mr. Song [2015-04-09]
Message content: How many sets of biomass pellet hot air stove, quote! !!
Title: Biomass Hot Air Furnace
Name: Lin Honggang [2015-03-19]
Message content: Be an agent
Title: Biomass Fuel Engine
Name: Mr. Han [2015-03-14]
Message content: Hello my company needs 2 biomass fuel machines, give me a detailed quote!

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